dinsdag 8 april 2014


Goodmorning!! After a couple of sunny days the weather changed since yesterday! It feels like autumn again, but anyway i took these pictures last week when the sun was shining. 
I was excited to change my wardrobe with spring/summer clothes, which i did last weekend. 
I am still busy with school. Stay tuned for the final results/ garments! I will show it to you a.s.a.p.

dinsdag 1 april 2014


Jacket| Zara, Short| Zara, t-shirt| Amisu, sneakers| Converse, bag| vintage

Good evening dear readers. I am back again. I have very good news, because i am nominated for the Frankfurt Style Awards with my design, which i didn't expect. Just go to my Unicult page''
 Click here ''on the blog. You exactly can read about the process and inspiration. At the moment i am very busy with school. Today, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining all day and it was the first time that i didn't wear a wintercoat;) I hope it will be like this the upcoming few months. 

vrijdag 21 maart 2014


Blouse| Unknown, short| Zara, tight| Albert Cuijp, bag| vintage

Good evening dears! How are you all? As always i had a very busy week. These pictures were taken two weeks ago. I didn't have the time to post it earlier. It's finally weekend and i will enjoy it. I will work on my fabric, which i am going to make for the top. To read more about the concept and my inspiration check out my other blogpost Click here It will be a big challenge to finish it before end of may, but we will see. I also have nice things upcoming. I am going to Poland in April. I have never been there and i am very curious. 

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dinsdag 4 maart 2014


Jacket| River Island, top| River Island, jeans| Unknown, heels| Zara, sunnies| Dior

Good evening dears! A long time ago i have been on the blog. I had busy weeks and i still have. I have been at the Premiere Vision Fair in Paris which was really nice. Forecasting trends of 2015/2016, beautiful new ideas. I will post later on more about it. 
Today, i wore my new spring jacket from River Island. I felt in love with the print and colors. What do you think about it?

woensdag 12 februari 2014


Good evening dear readers. After working hard on our first semester we already started again with our new project brief. I have chosen for the theme 'Unicult' Unicult are different cultures all over the world, which inspired me a lot. I went more in depth with Brazil/ exotic and religion, because of the striking churches and colours( blue, purple, turquoise) and i could do something with details.

In the textile lecture  i used the Batik technique, and made my own strokes with wool and used lace around.  Then i also used a purple fringe border and some sequins in the colour turquoise

What do you think of it?

woensdag 29 januari 2014


Skirt| Zara, jumper| Zalando, boots| Unknown, tas| vintage

Ciaooooooooo! How are you? It's getting colder and colder and i really don't like it. When i wore this outfit last monday i was freeeeeeezing, but my fur boots helped me to keep me a little bit warm. I am going to add a new page on the blog of my design processes and skills. I like to share this kind of stuff, because you exactly can see what i am doing at the education. 
However, on the outfit post i am wearing my new outfit. I bought the skirt at Zara and i love the lace/baroque style and i combined it with my new jumper which i ordered at Zalando:)
What do you think about it?

woensdag 22 januari 2014


shoes| Office, dress| D-E-P-T, coat| Zara, bag| Vintage

Hi you! Here i am again with a new outfit post:) Finally, i did my presentation last monday. I was so stressed. This week we had to make something with 3 old garments. We had to recylcle and it was much fun. I made a dress with balloons. I will show you later on the blog. Today, i wore one of my favourite shoes. I bought them in London some years ago and i think they are still crazy and fashionable isn't?