donderdag 2 oktober 2014


Hello everyone, here a short video from last fridaynight at the Frankfurt Style Award.
At first, sorry for the bad quality.
This show was a nice experience for me. My first design on the catwalk was amazing to see.

Have a nice day!

woensdag 24 september 2014


Dear readers. Frankfurt Style Award 2014 is getting closer. As I told you I am nominated for this International competition in Germany. Upcoming friday the 26th of september there will be a catwalk show with my self made Design. I never have been at a competition before, so I am very exciting how It will be and curious about the prices, which I can win. 
Take a look at their page. click here

woensdag 17 september 2014



Dress| Costes, Sandals| River Island, Bag| New Look

Hello everybody! How is life? School is already started and I am excited to continue my 2nd year of the Fashion Design education. For this semester we are going to make a tailored simple/sporty coat.
We need to focus on details and sewing. 
Today, I was wearing a leather dress from the brand Costes, which I bought in sale for only 50 euro. Frankfurt Style Award is getting closer and closer. I definitely can't wait to be there and seeing my own design on the catwalk. Check my Design on their website and vote for my Design 'Brazilian Attitude' Click here. There are many prices to win. 

woensdag 20 augustus 2014


1. Decorative inspiration #loveit 2. Decorative ceiling guess where it is?:) 3. The beautiful castle #Neuschwanstein 4.Decorative inspiration 5. Me visiting many museums 6.Gold 7. Decorative ceiling 8. Everything inspires me 9. Beer, that's what we need.

Stay tuned for the outfit posts, travel pictures and creative designs etc.


vrijdag 4 juli 2014

© Eyecatcheroffashion

Short| Unknown, sandals| H&M, bag| vintage, blouse| Zara, watch| Michael Kors

Goodmorning:) How is your week? I was wearing this new short last wednesday, which I bought in a unknown shop. Actually, if you strolling around you will find eyecatching garments. This short has every colour and cute as well to wear this on a sunny day or on the beach. I combined this short with a black basic blouse from Zara and studded sandals from H&M.

I can't wait, because I am going to Spain next week:)
Stay tuned!


zondag 29 juni 2014


1st row: New short:), Belgium beer, New designed fabric for the Frankfurt Style Award.
2nd row: Selfie:), Amsterdam, Lunch.
3rd row: Sushi:), Close up, The final result of the top for the Frankfurt Style Award. Click here for the process of the top:)

Stay tuned for the outfit pictures!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014

Designer: Suzanne Kop(Eyecatcheroffashion), styling: Britt Mansveld, Feelinlikefashion, Model: Lobke Reimus

Dear readers:) How was your weekend? I delivered all my school assignments two weeks ago and i also got my feedback and everything was excellent done:) At the moment i am enjoying my holiday. 

As you can see I posted my final top. My classmate 'Britt Mansveld' organized the photoshoot with my self made fiber fill top. To be honest I am proud of myself that I managed making this garment. This will be also the garment for the Frankfurt Style Award 2014, which i participate in september. Click here to read more about it

Let me know what you think about it?